Excellence Is Not An Option; It Is A Necessity.

“Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for his children.” (E.G. White)


We are a Seventh-day Adventist school located in Brooklyn, NY. Our staff is committed to providing quality education in a Christ-filled environment.

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Some practices are not permitted in Christian schools. Since the Hanson Place S.D.A. School would not knowingly accept students who offend in these practices, the first offense in any of the following makes a student subject to disciplinary action: immediate suspension, expulsion or dismissal from Hanson Place S.D.A. School.

Students attending the Hanson Place S.D.A. School are prohibited from the following offenses:

These are Non-negotiable and may lead to expulsion.

  1. Using narcotics, tobacco, abusing drugs or having possession of such drugs.
  2. Drinking, Handling or possessing alcoholic beverages, or furnishing alcohol beverages to others.
  3. Betting or gambling
  4. Using profane language or displaying lewd or suggestive conducts.
  5. Possessing on school grounds of weapons/articles whose express use is to harm or incapacitate.
  6. Dishonesty, including theft.
  7. Possessing paging devices (beepers), radios or video games, cellular phones.
  8. Willful destruction of any school property (this includes text books) or vandalism.
  9. Cheating on examination or classroom.
  10. Willful deception regarding violation of rules.
  11. Improper sexual conduct, i.e. sexual harassment or implications of sexual nature, including the use of words, gestures, or possession of obscene literature/pictures.
  12. Leaving school grounds without proper permission.
  13. Insubordination by constant violations of school and classroom rules.
  14. Consistent failure to complete assignments.
  15. Displaying any unacceptable physical acts such as hitting, kicking and punching etc.
  16. Harassing other students.
  17. Engaging in any other conduct that disrupts the school environment or education process.
  18. Disruption or unsafe behaviors on school trips.

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